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Hungary’s “Stop Soros” Law a Definitive Challenge to EU Human Rights Charter

When Hitler started his rant on the MASTER-RACE, most European leaders stuck their heads in the sand and did not react as vociferously as they should have; they chose the road of appeasement. Today Hungary is feeding into a megalomaniac’s distorted view of the refugee influx into Europe, a man who has been able to rile up the Hungarian people into believing that a few thousand bedraggled refugees seeking a better life through hard work are somehow going contaminate and corrupt the Hungarian master-race. The big difference is that Hungary is yielding to its worst instincts in 2018 as a full member of the European Union and Hitler was leading Germany out of abject poverty after the punitive regimes of the WW1.

Can Europe stand by and allow Hungary to manifest racism and fascism in its heartland?

What implications does this have for Europe?

The “Stop Soros” law in Hungary is a response to the influx of undocumented refugees, some political and a large part economic, looking for a better and safer life. It is however also a delayed Islamo-phobic response to terrorism and the religious propaganda associated with the 9/11 debacle. The underlying threads of anti-Islamic anti-Arab are clear if you look at the diatribe accompanying the approval of the law.

While this renders Hungary a fortress against the onslaught of refugees, it is by no means the last country to do so – it is the first. Italy, Malta, Austria and perhaps even France might follow Hungary to equal or lesser degrees if election results and economic frustration within these countries and populations get much worse. What we see is a fast progression of countries and populations turning to the “isolate and reject” option to somehow stop the hemorrhaging and derogating economic situation in their own countries from getting worse. Germany is using the influx of cheap but no necessarily untrained labour to support lower level and lower salaried jobs that Germans did not want to take. Same in Scandinavia.

European and EU response to Hungary’s law is going to be critical to giving credibility to the nascent EU Human Rights Action Plan, currently in implementation. What will be the response? This is a critical juncture and test for the EU.

And the rest of Europe has to also prepare and also defend its own values and morals against the emerging “Hungarys” of Europe. Why? because if Hungry is allowed to prevail in implementing this law, the EU is ending its moral union, killing its soul and surrendering, like in 1940’s, to the rule of racism, ethnicity and fascism.

As a European I understand the deep import and the need for action now to defeat racism and stop Hungary in maintaining this law. We are better than this. Much better.

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