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The EU Needs a Considered Security Legal Refugee/Asylum Seeker Screening methodology not “Stop Soros”

In contrast to my last analysis  of Hungry’s regressive “Stop Soros” law, I do believe that over all these years of refugee influx, the huge secretariat sitting in the EU and its various organizations should have developed a consulted, considered security screening framework to sort out applicant refugees. After all Europe cannot absorb unfettered immigration. However, the most important thing for Europe is to be a rule-of-law Union that values and upholds human rights and human dignity while clearly enunciating and announcing its immigration criteria.

Europe has to work together through the EU to elaborate a joint comprehensive legal security framework which addresses migration and refugee flows in a systematic yet humanistic way. We cannot allow our morals and values to be compromised. Such a framework should have been possible to deploy by EU bureaucrats and EU Parliament through EU Security Reform , Foreign Affairs and Humanitarian secretariats. Years after the refugee flows begins we Europeans are still waiting for a comprehensive response. What are we paying Brussels for?

Here below are a few ideas of how we Europeans and the EU could address refugee flows while maintaining high regard for human rights, human dignity and our security:

  1. Develop a common policy response on this issue including he definition and qualities to qualify as a refugee;
  2. Identification requirements: early in the flow I started to question why the EU had not made it clear that without point-of-origin identity documents, no refugee could be admitted or indeed, file an application with the EU;
  3.  Establish Refugee application centers: why not establish refugee registration centers in key refugee flow regions so that refugees do not have to come all the way to Europe – they apply in Turkey, Morocco, Egypt and Greece. Going one step further, only allow applications to be submitted in these refugee application centers.
  4. Have a central secretariat to sort and process all refugee applications to the EU and allocate refugees to EU countries by agreed criteria. In this way, Europe as a whole accepts a refugee and all EU countries in proportion would receive refugees.
  5. EU has to develop a introductory package to train, inform and equip incoming refugees about common European culture.

While this is just a few ideas, my biggest disappointment has been that the EU’s response has been completely inadequate and non-existent.

Shape up EU. The onus is on you as an organization.

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