Background papers

US Tariff Wars: World Trade on the Brink

Earlier this year, the US announced 25% tariffs on Steel and 10% tariffs on aluminum from the EU; they also announced similar tariffs on products coming from Canada, Mexico, China and other countries. In retaliation, most countries including the EU has imposed reciprocal tariffs hitting steel, aluminum, agricultural crops, manufactured good, tobacco and alcohol. ¬†Until… Continue reading US Tariff Wars: World Trade on the Brink

Political Commentary

China: Global Power and Regent

If you were in any doubt about who is emerging as the most powerful global power, both economic and politically, it would be China. Politically China today heralds the most "convening ability" in bringing to the table a maximum number of countries and regional powers. Its growing global political power is backed by its considerable… Continue reading China: Global Power and Regent