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Syria: Ingenuine Motives Behind USA, UK and France Willingness to Adopt Military Response

Motivated by failure nationally on key policy issues, each of the leaders of the P3 are looking for an effective distraction. A central consideration for DT is to show that he is a commander-in-chief and able to make war like the best of them. The midterm elections are around the corner and recent congressional races have clearly pointed to the dangers of losing base voters.

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The Koreas: A Typhoon viewed through a Tea Cup

A month before the Olympics in South Korea, the World and the US was facing a nuclear standoff with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea. About a month after the Olympics, President Moon was visiting North Korea at the invite of Chairman Jong-Un. There was no representative of the US present and there apparently was no… Continue reading The Koreas: A Typhoon viewed through a Tea Cup

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China: Global Power and Regent

If you were in any doubt about who is emerging as the most powerful global power, both economic and politically, it would be China. Politically China today heralds the most "convening ability" in bringing to the table a maximum number of countries and regional powers. Its growing global political power is backed by its considerable… Continue reading China: Global Power and Regent