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Syria: Ingenuine Motives Behind USA, UK and France Willingness to Adopt Military Response

Motivated by failure nationally on key policy issues, each of the leaders of the P3 are looking for an effective distraction. A central consideration for DT is to show that he is a commander-in-chief and able to make war like the best of them. The midterm elections are around the corner and recent congressional races have clearly pointed to the dangers of losing base voters.

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Alternative Interpretations: UK and the Russian Expulsions

The timing of the alleged Russian poisoning of the defector was uncanny. It was the week before PM May was going to have her final showdown with the EU on BREXIT negotiations. Then there was the positioning and May's carefully crafted House of Commons statement a few days later, in which she invoked the full… Continue reading Alternative Interpretations: UK and the Russian Expulsions